What is Manashni?

I have been asked many times why I chose the name “Manashni” for my practice.

Manashni in Persian means “good thoughts” and is part of Manashni, Gavashni Kunashni – the three Parsi tenets of good thoughts, good words and good deeds. It is based on the Zoroastrian philosophy that the conversion of negative forces into positive can be accomplished by first converting our negative thoughts into good.

This philosophy of Manashni (good thoughts) is the foundation of both my work as a therapist and the principles I follow at my workplace. As a psychologist and a human being, I firmly believe that long-term relief from emotional distress runs parallel to changing our core inner negative beliefs.

On a side note: While I am a deeply spiritual person, I do not enforce my views on religion or spirituality on my clients. My therapy sessions neither prescribe nor favour any particular religious practice.