Was invited by the  MPower team to discuss “CHILDREN and TRAUMA” at their Trauma Conclave on 8th September 2018. A wonderfully well-organised event by Zirak Marker and Tanya Vasunia, this was a specialized collaborative-meet designed for professionals to share ideas, skills and knowledge.

A big applause to the Mpower team to initiate such case discussions on trauma. A much, much needed and valuable peer sharing experience. I Got a Chance to learn from peers about cases of Personality Disorders, Child abuse, child trafficking and child occupational therapy.


At the event, there was a talk by Senior pediatrician Dr Ashok Balsekar who spoke on the growing awareness of mental health issues among medical practitioners. Dr Anjali Joshi, Occupational therapist spoke of training para-professionals to do occupational therapy. In a similar vein Dr Priyanka Halli, Psychiatrist, shared  her successful work with teen girls in a rescue home.

Binaifer Sahukar, the prolific writer shared a wonderful article today in the Parsi Newspaper Jam-e-Jamshed (since 3 of us at the event-Zirak, Tanya and myself- are Parsi). Read more details about the event and other presentations in the newspaper clipping.

I presented on a case of Complex trauma, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Sybil was the first highlighted case of “Multiple Personality Disorder”, today known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Sybil’s story gave light to the group of people suffering this disorder, fueled research and today DID has well-formulated treatment plans.

According to the DSM-5 Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is the failure to integrate various aspects of identity, memory and co-consciousness. Polyfragmented DID is the presence of several alters (ranging from over a dozen to over a hundred) where parts of the personality are usually in subsystems. People diagnosed with DID are typically challenging cases in therapy, the Polyfragmented clients fall on the far end of the DID spectrum and usually require a strong therapeutic alliance and careful treatment planning.

Tara presented for therapy with a highly fragmented but well-organized internal system with atleast 20 alter personalities, each with their own name, identity and history. She was diagnosed with co-morbid Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Tara’s background reveals a history of complex trauma including childhood sexual abuse, ritual torture and emotional abuse. My presentation outlined the internal mapping of the personality system based on the Theory of Structural Dissociation of the personality (TSDP).  I also discussed the role of the therapeutic alliance, therapist errors and client progress in this complex case.

Today, Tara is 22 years and has moved across 4 years from severe poly-fragmentation of her inner world towards co-consciousness and integration. While there is still much work to be done with her inner world, she is an example of how inner strength and determination can surpass any barriers.