Earlier this year, Powai-based psychotherapist Hvovi Bhagwagar met an Andheri resident, who in her early 30s weighed 85 kg. The action between the sheets was down to nil; she had to get hot and irresistible all over again. After her 2009 wedding, piling on kilos had pushed her husband away.

Work trips would leave him with barely three days a month at home, and even then, he was far from interested.

A weight loss surgery, although extreme and expensive, was the answer. A personal loan was applied for to foot the hospital bills. “The new body made no difference. His excuses continued.

After a few sessions of couple therapy, we realised that he was suffering from erectile dysfunction,” says Bhagwagar.

“Men are not communicative by nature. There’s been research that points to the fact that most men are left-brained, which means they are not prone to discussing their feelings. This is especially true of sexual performance discussions. And when a problem like ED (Erectile Dysfuntion) comes up, it becomes a sore topic,” says Bhagwagar.

Featured in Mumbai Mirror, April 23, 2013.