“Emotional incompatibility arises when a couple’s attitude towards each other and the world in general, alters over time,” says Hvovi Bhagwagar, clinical psychologist and behaviour skills consultant. Her practice has revealed that divorce rates have gone up 6 to 7 times in the last two years. “But this is hardly a new phenomenon. It’s just that it’s a talking point now because women are financially independent, and that means they won’t grin and bear it. If they are unhappy, they will get up and leave.”

Bhagwagar says couples have grown impatient; they are unwilling to give all it takes to save a relationship. “There is no motivation left to save a marriage, not to mention the desperate need for anger management.” An interesting fact she reveals is how urban men and women are gradually losing interest in sexual relations with one another. “They aren’t having enough sex, or enjoying it thanks to hectic schedules. Professional commitments is making it easier for them to find a sexual partner at the work place,” she says.

Featured in the Mid-Day on May 8, 2009.