“Communicating through Whats App is both efficient and disturbing… such groups are highly beneficial, but parents can also go overboard and misuse them. Firstly, when parents share notes on their child’s progress in a project or at school, it could lead to competition. the group can become a platform to compare notes, handwriting and what not, which i find very disconcerting. Secondly, parents tend to rely on getting information from the WhatsApp groups instead of relying on a primary source – their kids. Kids usually get the right information as they are in class when announcements are made. Information shared via such groups can be misreported or misinterpreted, leading to further confusion. Lastly, messages start flowing in at the time when a child is busy studying for exams. Most parents are left to deal with hundreds of messages as well as look after the needs of their children, which could stress a parent out. WhatsApp groups should have certain rules and parents should adhere to them. They have to be moderated efficiently and will only then become an excellent medium of communication.”

Featured in Robin Age on June 29, 2017